Retirement planning involves fitting together your financial puzzle pieces to provide the ideal situation for you at retirement. Some of those pieces include budgeting, your 401 (k), your Roth IRA and more. There are also different stages of retirement planning including early planning in your 20’s & 30’s, “prime time” in your 40’s & 50’s, heading to the finish line from 55-65, and finally, retirement. Don’t worry if you are jumping into the retirement planning game late, there is beneficial information for every phase of life in our video segments below.

Retirement Planning Intro & Getting Started: 20’s & 30’s

Retirement Planning 40’s & 50’s

Retirement Planning 55-65

Retirement Planning 55-65 (Cont.)

When You Retire

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72t is a series of substantially equal periodic payments taken from your retirement account.  Payments must last for 5 years, or until you turn age 59 ½, whichever is longer.